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Crowley, Aleister. 777 and other qabalistic writings of A.C. Including Gematria & Sepher Sephiroth. Ed. with an Introduction by Israel Regardie. 1977. Weiser Books. In all around 300 pp. Edge foxed, otherwise a clean copy. [#63058] 350:-

Mayle, Peter and Jolliffe, Gray. Twinkle Winkle. Man's best friend and your star signs. 1985. Pan Books. 64 pp. Cartoons. [#62785] 80:-

Chopra, Gautama. Child of the Dawn. A magical journey of awakening. Foreword by Deepak Chopra. 1998. Bantam. 180 pp. Crossed name. [#62780] 60:-

Bourret, Jean-Claude. Ufo. Spekulationer och fakta. En dokumentation. 1978. 276 s. + plr. Orig:s titel: La nouvelle vague des soucoupes volantes. *[#68260] 100:-

Cohen, Daniel. Gåtfulla platser. 1970. R&S. 202 s. + plr. Några s. med understrykningar. [#62021] 125:-

Lindfield, Michael. The dance of change. An eco-spiritual approach to transformation. 1986. Arcana. 184 pp. Ill. Buckled. Interior clean. [#61785] 40:-

Iijima, Kanjitsu. Buddhist Yoga. 1975. Japan Publications, Inc. 174 pp. Illustrations. Neat pencil notes in margin. 4:o. Cover design by Tatsundo Hayashi. [#61786] 125:-

Croissant, Kay and Dees, Catherine. Continuum. The immortality principle based on an exhibit presenting human speculations on the possibility of continuing consciousness. 1978. Franklin Press. 108 pp. Around 50 plates. [#61787] 100:-

Nikhilananda, Swami. Man in Search of Immortality. Testimonials from the Hindu Scriptures. 1968. Allen and Unwin. P's cloth. 108 pp. First edition. [#61788] 150:-

Mohamed, Alnoor. Acupuncture. The real alternative. 1989. 135 pp. Many illustrations. Lower corner of the book somewhat damaged. [#61789] 100:-

Rinbochay, Lati and Hopkins, Jeffrey. Death, Intermediate State and Rebirth in Tibetan Buddhism. Foreword by Dalai Lama. 1979. Rider and Co. 86 pp. [#61790] 110:-

Nagarjuna and the seventh Dalai Lama. The Precious Garland and The Song of the Four Mindfulnesses. Foreword by Dalai Lama. 1975. Allen and Unwin. 119 pp. / The} Wisdom of Tibet Series - 2. [#61791] 100:-

Soni, R.L. The Only Way to Deliverance. Boulder 1980. Prajna Press. 117 pp. Ill. / The Buddhist Practice of Mindfulness. [#61792] 100:-

Deshpande, P.Y. The Authentic Yoga. A fresh look at Patanjali's Yoga Sutras with a new translation. notes and comments. 1978. Rider and Co. 172 pp. [#61793] 110:-

Everything is Within You. By Master Subramuniya. 1973. Comstock. Ill. [#61794] 50:-

The Mediator. By Master Subramuniya. 1973. Comstock. Ill. [#61795] 50:-

Gawain, Shakti. Creative visualization. 1985. Bantam. 130 pp. Ill. [#61797] 50:-

Percy, Walker. Lost in the cosmos. The last self-help book. 1984. Washington Square Press. 256 pp. [#61799] 70:-

Touhey Smith, Eleanor. Psychic People. 1969. Bantam. 198 pp. / 'A gallery of true stories - 19 people whose supernatural powers shocked the world'... Chapter 13: Swedish Superman. Emanuel Swedenborg. [#61800] 110:-

Greenwood, Michael & Nunn, Peter. The paradox of healing. Transforming your relationship with illness. 1996. Prion. 250 pp. [#61803] 110:-

Tandam, Hans. Exploring Reincarnation. 1990. Arkana. 451 pp. [#61804] 110:-

Collier, Sandra. Mind Power. ESP and other psychic mysteries. 1998. Scholastic. 146 pp. [#61806] 80:-

Coster, Geraldine. Yoga and western psychology. A comparison. 1949. Oxford UP. P's cloth. 252 pp. D/j pasted in on inside of both covers. [#61807] 100:-

Andrews, Valerie. The psychic power of running. How the body can illuminate the mysteries of the mind. 1979. Thorsons. P's pictorial hard covers. 201 pp. A few underlinings. [#61811] 90:-

Evans, Hilary. Alternate States of Consciousness. Unself, Otherself, and Superself. 1989. The Aquarian Press. P's cloth. 256 pp. [#61813] 100:-

Keller, Helen. The Open Door. 1957. Doubleday & Co. 1957. P's cloth. 140 pp. Some words are marked in the text. [#61815] 100:-

Porter, Jean. Psychic Development. 1974. Random. 56 pp. Ill. [#61816] 60:-

Caddy & Platts. Choosing to love. A practical guide for bringing more love into your life. 1993. Findhorn. 128 pp. [#61817] 80:-

Hall, Judy. The art of psychic protection. 1996. Findhorn. 144 pp. [#61818] 80:-

Caddy, Eileen. Waves of spirit. Practical ways to face today's life challenges. 1996. Findhorn. 127 pp. [#61819] 80:-

Klein, Jean. Who am I? The sacred quest. 1992. Element. 152 pp. [#61820] 110:-

Klein, Jean. Neither this nor that I am. 1981. Watkins. 148 pp. [#61821] 110:-

Johnson, Kevin. Why can't my life be a summer vacation? 1994. Bethany House. 109 pp. [#61822] 80:-

Balcombe, Betty F. As I see it. A psychic's guide to developing your sensing and healing abilities. 1994. Piatkus. 192 pp. [#61823] 80:-

Nine Mountains. Dharma-lectures of the Korean meditation master Ku San. 1982. International Meditation Center. 224 pp + photo-plates. [#61827] 110:-

Green, Marian. The gentle arts of aquarian magic. Magical techniques to help you master the crafts of the Wise. 1987. The Aquarian Press. 222 pp. [#61828] 90:-

Aurobindo, Sri. The problem of rebirth. 1952. 194 pp. Spine has been taped. Clean interior. [#61831] 50:-

Sankarâchârya. The crest-jewel of wisdom and other writings. Translations and commentaries by Charles Johnston. 1946. Theosophical UP. P's cloth with d/j pasted in on inside of both covers. 169 pp. First edition. [#61832] 100:-

Martin, Graham Dunstan. Shadows in the Cave. Mapping the conscious universe. 1990. Arkana. 265 pp.[#61833] 90:-

Buscaglia, Leo. Love. 1972. Fawcett. 207 pp. [#61836] 70:-

Montgomery, Ruth. Here and hereafter. 1969. Fawcett. 175 pp. [#61861] 60:-

Montgomery, Ruth. A world beyond. 1972. Fawcett. 176 pp. [#61862] 60:-

Redfield, James. The Celesine Prophecy. The secret of Shambhala. In search of the eleventh insight. 2000. Bantam. 252 pp. Slightly worn. [#61913] 70:-

Buckman, Robert. I don't know what to say. How to help and support someone who is dying. 1988. Papermac. 186 pp. [#61914] 90:-

Baker, Douglas M. Practical techniques of astral projection. 1986. The Aqurian Press. 96 pp. Ill. [#61915] 90:-

Déchanet, J.-M. Yoga in ten lessons. 1980. Cornerstone. 174 pp. Ill. Slightly buckled. [#61926] 80:-

Mullin, Redmond. Miracles and Magic. The miracles and spells of saints and witches. 1978. Mowbray. P's cloth. 302 pp. Ill by Fiona Cairns. [#61598] 125:-

van Auken, John. Born again & again. How reincarnation occurs and what it means to you. 1989. Inner Vision. 156 pp.[#61612] 80:-

Déchanet, J.-M. Yoga in ten lessons. 1977. Search Press. 174 pp. Ill. A few margin notes. [#61628] 90:-

Kilner, Walter J. The Human Aura. With 64 illustrations. 1965. Univ. Books. P's cloth. 320 pp. Part of d/j pasted in on inside of back cover. / Library of the Mystic Arts. [#61663] 125:-

Brugh Joy, W. Avalanche. Heretical reflections on the dark and the light. 1990. Ballantine. 352 pp. / Allmän esoterika. [#61155] 110:-

Bernhardt Pacheco, Cláudia. Healing through consciousness. Theomania: The cause of stress. 1983. Proton. 183 pp. [#61156] 70:-

Vallberg, V. Gamla och nya vänniskokunskap. Andra delen. 1945. Litteraturförlaget. 383 s. Portr. / Ockultism, mystik etc. [#59837] 100:-

Lodge, Sir Oliver. Raymond or Life and Death. With exemples of the evidence for survival of memory and affection after death. With eighteen illustrations. Tenth ed with a supplementary addendum. 1918. Methuen & Co. P's cloth. 423 pp + plates. A bit worn. / Raymond was a soldier who died in the first world war. / Ockultism, mystik etc. [#59838] 125:-

Gordon Moore, Margaret. Coincidence-? S.a. Around 1950. Rider. P's cloth. 112 pp + 2 plates. / Ockultism, mystik etc. [#59839] 80:-

Garreau, Charles. Alerte dans le ciel. (Documents officiels sur les objets volants non identifiés). S.a. Around 1955. Damier. 257 pp incl plates. Nice copy with both girdle and d/j, the latter with a small tear on its back. [#59841] 80:-

Andrae, Tor. Modern mystik. Verd.småskr 343. [#59842] 50:-

Fate. True stories of the strange and unknown. July 1968. 1968. /I.a. Bill Starr, Mexicans lynch another witch. 146 pp. Ill. [#59844] 60:-

Fate. True stories of the strange and unknown. November 1968. 1968. /I.a. John E. Berke, The language of parapsychology. 146 pp. Ill. [#59845] 60:-

Fate. True stories of the strange and unknown. December 1975. 1975. /I.a. Carl O. Simonton, The Role of the Mind in Cancer Therapy 146 pp. Ill. [#59846] 60:-

Bulletin du Conseil de Recherches Métaphysiques de Belgique. Bruxelles 1935. 48 pp. / I.a. Maurice Schaerer, La Relativité généralisée acculée au problème de l'absolu! Un duel scientifique, Einstein contre Bohr. [#59848] 120:-

Thouless, Robert H. Psychical Research Past and Present. The eleventh Frederic W.H. Myers Memorial Lecture 1952. London 1952. 23 pp + covers. [#59849]70:-

Slagrutans väsen och användning. Hektograferat tryck i handskrift med omslag. 6 s. med gammal stavning. U.o.o.å. Kan vara en avskrift av gammal skrift? En del ordvändningar tyder dock på ett folkligare ursprung. Ca 1900. [#59850]150:-

Bradley, H. Dennis. Hän mot stjärnora. Psykiska rön och erfarenheter. 1929. Chelius. 341 s. Ryggen med småskador. Inlagan ren. / En synnerligen briljant och fängslande bok, skrev den engelska pressen. [#59851]100:-

Lund, Signe. Inför hans ansikte. 1991. Bonniers. Inbunden med skyddsomslag. 123 s./En bildkonstnärs skildring av en omvälvande andlig vision och dess livsavgörande betydelse. Mystik i vår tid. [#59182] 110:-

Monroe, Douglas. The 21 Lessons of Merlyn. A study in Druid Magic & Lore. 1993. Llewellyn. 435 pp. Ill. [#59543] 150:-

Nataf, André. The Wordsworth Dictionary of the Occult. 1996. 241 pp. Front cover with small damages. [#58820] 90:-

Paneth, Ludwig. Zahlensymbolik im Unbewusstsein. Mit 3 Tafeln. Zürich, Rascher Verlag, 1952. Blauer Verlagsleinenbd. 248 S. 1. Aufl. 1.-3. Tausend. [#57050] 250:-

Ohlmarks, Åke. Övernaturligt. Illustrerad av Hans Arnold. 1970. Tiden. Inb välbev förlagsklotbd med ett ngt nött skomsl. 250 s. Kvadratisk mindre 4:o. Ou. [#54733] 150:-

Besant, Annie. My path to atheism. 1885. 3rd ed. P's dec cloth. 264 pp. + 24 pp with ads. Nice copy. /HBi III-2 [#48660] 650:-

Besant, Annie. Esoterisk kristendom eller de mindre mysterierna. Övers Thure Frölander. 1922. STB. 256 s. Ovanlig 1:a sv utg. / K271 [#48661] 250:-

Denning, M. and Phillips, O. Astral Projection. 1986. Llewellyn. 245 pp. [#48149] 90:-

Fuzeau-Braesch, Suzel. Astrologi. 1995. Alhambra. 126 s. Förlagsnytt ex. [#48040] 50:-

Scott, David & Doubleday, Tony. The Elements of Zen. 1992. Element. 136 pp. Ill. [#47860] 90:-

Grant, Patrick. A dazzling darkness. An anthology of Western mysticism. 1985. Collins. Paperback. VG. 366 pp. A Fount original paperback edition. [#47675] 80:-

Almqvist, Solveig. Den dolda bron. Paranormala upplevelser. Carlssons förlag 2005. Inbunden med skyddsomslag. 207 s. Nyskick. [#47073] 150:-

Cosmic Brotherhood Association (CBA) Pamphlet. Yokohama u.å. Ca 1960. Ca 60 s. med många foto-oa ill. Text på engelska och japanska. Litet format. [#54549] 50:-

Fry, Daniel W. Resa med flygande tefat. 1958. Parthenon. 64 s. + portr. [#54550] 70:-

Fry, Daniel W. Budskapet från rymden. 1960. Parthenon. 68 s. + portr. [#54551] 70:-

Klarer, Elisabeth. I rymdskepp över Drakensberg. 1959. Parthenon. 28 s. + portr. [#54552] 50:-

Gawain, Shakti. Reflections in the Light. Daily Thoughts and Affirmations. 1988. New World Libr. Around 370 pp. [#45918] 70:-

Zinberg, Norman E. (ed.). Alternate States of Consciousness. 1977. Free Press. P's cloth. 304 pp. Some underlinings. [#45919] 90:-

Trine, Ralph Waldo. In Tune with the Infinite or Fullness of Peace, Power, and Plenty. 1913. Bell. P's cloth. 222 p. Some words very neatly & lightly translated. [#45922] 90:-

La Cour, Tage. Myter och mysterier. Gåtor och legender genom årtusenden. 1973. Trevi. 268 sid. Genomgående illustrerad i svartvitt och färg. 4:o. Förlagsband med skyddsomslag. / Kulturhistoriskt kring 14 mysterier: 'Atlantis - ön som försvann i havet', Jerusalems skomakare', Sjöormen', 'Mannen med järnmasken', 'Vem var Robinson Crusoe?', 'Landsvägsrövaren Dick Turpin', 'Fågel Rock och den hundhövdade mannen', 'Barnet från Nürnberg' ( Kaspar Hauser), 'Författaren och tobaksförsäljerskan' (Edgar Allan Poe), 'Briggen Mary Celeste', 'Jack uppskäraren', 'Lizzie Bordens yxa', 'Loch Ness-odjuret', och 'Den förskräcklige snömannen'. [#45234] 250:-

Brookesmith, Peter (red.). Varelser från det okända. Om egendomliga och oförklarliga djur. 1986. Bokorama. Inb med ill omsl. Rikt ill. 4:o. [#33950] 150:-

Bischoff, Erich. Die Mystik und Magie der Zahlen. (Arithmetische Kabbalah). Zahlenmystik des Himmels, der Musik, der Natur, des menschlichen Lebenslaufes, der Geschichte und des Geisteslebens... Systematische Symbolik der Zahlen von 1 - 4320000. Berlin (Barsdorf) 1920. P´s dec half cloth. 248 pp. Last 30 pp with blot of ink on margin. /Geheime Wissenschaften. Eine Sammlung seltener älterer und neuerer Schriften über Astrologie, Magie, Kabbalah, Rosenkreuzerei, Freimaurerei, Hexen- und Teufelswesen usw. Hrg. A. v.d. Linden. Bd 20. *[#28351] 400:-

Drury, Nevill. The visionary human. Mystical consciousness and paranormal perspectives. 1991. Element Books. First British edition. Soft cover. Fine. 151 pp. [#34988] 70:-

Ohlmarks, Åke. Stjärnornas budskap. De allra nyaste rönen och förutsägelserna inom astrologien. Jesus och sekelrytmiken - ... 1984. Sjöstrands. Inb med ill omsl. 154 s. Ill. [#38186] 80:-

Burton, Jean. Andarnas vän Daniel Home. Ett mediums levnadshistoria. Orig:s titel: Heyday of a Wizard. 1945. Hökerbergs. 300 s. [#32320] 250:-

Qvarnström, Birger. Parapsykologi. Resultat och perspektiv. 1959. Häftad med skomsl. 368 s. [#31831] 100:-

Eysenck, H.J. & Nias, D.K.B. Astrologien. En revision i lyset af moderne videnskab. Orig:s titel: Astrology. Science or Superstition? 1983. 216 s. Nga ill. [#28497] 120:-

Abd-Ru-Shin. Im Lichte der Wahrheit. Gralsbotschaft. Vomperberg Tirol (Verl. A. Bernhardt) 1950. P´s cloth. 864 pp. [#26960] 150:-

MacNutt, Francis. The power to heal. 1983. 254 pp. /"...an invaluable resource to those who minister in faith to the sick." [#24666] 50:-

Lehmann, Edv. Teosofi och kristendom. 1922. 111 s. [#26080] 50:-

Nihlén, John. Spöken jag mött. Teckningar av Göte Göransson. 1980. F´s klotbd. 250 s. [#23867] 100:-

Kleman, Ylva (red.). Mystiska platser. /Mystikens värld. 1990. Inb med ill omsl. 160 s. Ill. 4:o. /Fö II-2 [#23864] 125:-

Stanford, Ray och Rex. Kontakt med rymdmänniskor. Uå (1960). Inb m skomsl. 143 s. Ill. [#21850] 60:-

Haldeman, I.M. Kunna de döda meddela sig med de levande? 1923. 142 s. /Förf. teol. dr. [#15154] 80:-

"Mene tekel". Andra genomsedda och rättade upplagan med tillägg av "Karl XI:s syn" samt tolkning av dess politiska och sociala betydelse i vår tid samt ännu "En annan syn" från 1854 likaledes med tolkning av Daniel. Sthlm 1923. Ill. 104 s. [#8257] 150:-

Braddon, Russell. The Piddingtons. Their exclusive story. With sketches by Ronald Searle. 1950. P's cloth with dustjacket. Book very nice, d/j frayed and a little torn. 238 pp. /Telepathy. [#15693] 75:-

La Cour, Tage. Myter och mysterier. Gåtor och legender genom årtusenden. 1973. Förlaets hklotbd. Titelbladet med bortklippt namnt. 264 s. Rikt ill i färg och svartvitt. [#15481] 100:-

Cavendish, Richard. Unsolved mysteries of the universe, including the Loch Ness monster, the Bermuda triangle, the search for Atlantis, and many more. 1981. 4:o. P's pictorial boards. 79 pp. Richly ill. [#11757] 100:-

Brusewitz, Göran. En ny världsbild växer fram. Om parapsykologi och biomagnetism. 1999. Inb. 249 s. Stpl. [#7433] 125:-

Gööck, Roland. Vår gåtfulla värld. Vid det mänskliga vetandets gränser. 1971. F's dek klotbd med skomsl. 224 s. Rikt ill. Välbev. [#7593] 150:-

Prabhupada, B.S. Coming back. The science of reincarnation. 1993. 150 s. [#5335] 30:-

Schaff, Bruno. Die Chiromantie oder die Kunst den Menschen aus den Linien der Hand das zukünftige Schicksal zu weissagen. Allgemein verständliche Darlegung der Handwahrsagekunst nebst reichen Illustrationen. Chemnitz (Im Selbstverlag des Verfassers) 1900. P ublisher's decorated cloth in black & green. 136 pp + portr. of the author who calls himself ãChiromantiker". Scarce. [#5468] 900:-

Kvam, Lorentz N. Trollskap og helligdom. Oslo (Nasjonalforl.) 1945. Hcl. Ngt nött. Ill. 227 s. 1 oppl. [#15994] 200:-


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