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Christie, Agatha. Sparkling cyanide. 1945. Collins. P's cloth. 160 pp. First edition. [#68025] 150:-

van der Post, Laurens. A Story Like the Wind. 1972. The Hogarth Press. P's cloth wd/j. Jacket design Robert Rankin. 380 pp. First edition. [#60818] 250:-

White, Theodore H. Caesar and the Rubicon. A play about politics. 1968. Atheneum. P's cloth wd/j. 174 pp. First edition.  [#58282] 175:-

Waugh, Evelyn. Love Among the Ruins. A Romance of the Near Future. With decorations by various eminent hands including the author s. London (Chapman & Hall) 1953. P's red cloth with a decoration. D/j missing. 52 pp. Nice copy of the  first edition.  [#58283] 550:-

Heyer, Heorgette. Cousin Kate. 1968. The Bodley Head. P's cloth wd/j. 318 pp. Med två exlibris. First ed. [#57910] 125:-

Wilson, Angus. Late Call. 1964. Secker & Warburg. P's cloth wd/j. 316 s. First edition. [#57911] 300:-

Llewellyn, Richard.  Chez Pavan. 1959. Joseph. P's cloth wd/j. Wrapper design by Broom Lynne. First edition. / gbod  [#57713] 350:-

Ward, Maisie. Return to Chesterton. 1952. Sheed and Ward. P's cloth. 276 pp + plates. First edition. [#57357] 125:-

Lender, Charles Franklin. Pirates of the Ohio. Illustrated by George Avison. 1947. Howell, Soskin. P's cloth. 198 pp. Inscribed by the author. First ed. [#57362] 150:-

Fuller, Roy. The Second Curtain. 1956. MacMillan. 172 pp. P's cloth wd/j. Jacket design by Vera Bock. Wrs worn at top & bottom. First edition. [#54361] 150:-

MacInnes, Helen. Prelude to Terror. 1978. Harcourt Brace Jovanovich. P's half cloth wd/j. 368 pp. First edition. [#53449] 250:-

Brokaw, Tom. The Greatest Generation. 1998. Random House. Inb och med skomsl. 415 s. Fotoill. Nyskick. Första uppl. [#53481] 150:-

Gunther, John. Eden for One. An Amusement. New York and London 1927. Harper & Brothers Publ. P's slighly bleached cloth. 224 pp + ads. First edition, Harper code, H - B. [#52438] 200:-

Kosinski, Jerzy. The Devil Tree. New York, Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 1973. P's half cloth in green & black wd/j. Jacket design by Paul Bacon. 209 pp. First edition. [#52021] 250:-

Phillips, Conrad. The Un repentant. NY 1958. Roy. P's cloth wd/j by Dickson. 192 pp. First ed. [#49139] 150:-

SHUTE, NEVIL. Requiem for a wren. London (Heinemann) 1955. First British edition. Publisher's red cloth with gilt spine let tering. 284 pp. No wrapper. Condition: Fine. /gb [#49232] 175:-

Fiennes, Richard. The Order of Wolves. 1976. Bobbs-Merrill. P's cloth wd/j. 206 pp. Richly ill. Donor's inscription. 4:o. First American ed. [#49018] 150:-

West, Morris. Cassidy. 1986. Hodder 6 Stoughton. P's cloth wd/j. 251 pp. First edition. Almost as new. [#48959] 250:-

Novitski, Joseph. Wind Star. The Building of a Sailship. 1987. MacMillan. P's half cloth wd/j in condition as new but for a tipp-exxed name. 252 pp + plates. 1:st ed. [#48664] 150:-

Shute, Nevil. Requiem for a wren. London (Heinemann) 1955. First British edition. Publisher's red cloth with gilt spine lettering. 284 pp. No wrapper. Condition: near fine. *[#48741] 180:-

Greene, Graham. The Third Man and The Fallen Idol. Two entertainments. 1950. Heinemann. P´s cloth wd/j. The d/j has been folded and spared in this way, with some tears but still good. The volume contains the original version of The Third Man. [#41165] 5000:-

Grey Walter, W. Further Outlook. 1956. Duckworth. P's cloth wd/j. 224 pp. First ed. [#47438] 200:-

Preedy, George R. Bagatelle and some other Diversions. London 1930. John Lane the Bodley Head Ltd. P's cloth. 318 pp. Book-plate. First edition. [#47544] 180:-

Brookner, Anita. Incidents in the Rue Laugier. 1995. Cape. P´s cloth wd/j. 219 pp. First edition. Condition almost as new. [#39485] 150:-

Updike, John. Couples. 1968. André Deutsch. P´s green cloth wd/j. Condition almost as new. 458 pp. First edition. [#39439] 250:-

Shute, Nevil. Beyond the Black Stump. 1956. Heinemann. Wrs with some tear. [#37314] 250:-

Cecil, Henry. Daughters in Law. 1961. Joseph. P´s cloth wd/j. 206 pp. First ed. [#37318] 250:-

Osborne, John. Look Back in Anger. 1957. Faber. First edition, 2nd Impression s.y. P´s cloth wd/j in condition as new. [#37439] 750:-

West, Morris. The Tower of Babel. 1968. Heineman. P´s cloth.340 pp. First edition. D/j damaged. Otherwise a good copy. / ...portrays the Arab-Jewish confrontation... [#35656] 150:-

Huxley, Aldous. Brave New World Revisited. 1959. Chatto & Windus. P´s cloth wd/j. 164 pp. Almost as new. First edition. [#37441] 400:-

Ambler, Eric. The Intercom Conspiracy. 1970. Weidenfeld & Nicolson. P´s cloth. No d/j. 198 pp. First British ed. [#37335] 150:-

Francis, Dick. Bolt. 1986. Michael Joseph. P´s cloth wd/j. Jacket by Chris Yates. 240 pp. First edition. [#37116] 225:-

Binchy, Maeve. The Copper Beach. 1992. Orion. P´s cloth wd/j in condition as new. 298 pp. First edition. [#37417] 200:-

Waugh, Evelyn. Love Among the Ruins. A Romance of the Near Future. With decorations by various eminent hands including the author's. London (Chapman & Hall) 1953. P's dec cloth with the d/j. 58 pp. First edition. [#33230] 700:-

Waugh, Evelyn. Love Among the Ruins. A Romance of the Near Future. With decorations by various eminent hands including the author´s. London (Chapman & Hall) 1953. P´s red cloth with a decoration + d/j. 52 pp. Nice first edition copy. [#32985] 950:-

Wheatley, Dennis. The Hunting of Toby Jugg. (1945). Hutchinson. P´s cloth. 292 pp. First ed. No d/j. /...scenes of the Supernatural... celebration of a Black Mass... [#35301] 300:-

Viirlaid, Arved. Graves without Crosses. Transl. from the Estonian by Ilse Lehiste. 1972. Clarke, Irwin & Co. P´s cloth. No d/j. 430 pp. 1:st Engl ed. Inscribed by the author to the Ambassador and members of the United Kingdom Embassy in Sweden with... June 6, 1974. [#35724] 200:-

James, P. D. A certain justice. London (Faber and Faber) 1997. First edition. P's hardcover with dustjacket. VG/VG. 390 pp. [#33227] 120:-

James, P.D. The children of Men. 1992. Faber and Faber. P´s cloth wd/j. First edition. [#33228] 150:-

Priestley, J.B. Out of the People. 1941. Harper. P´s cloth. 172 pp. First edition. / ... ”om den fara för demokratin som bl.a. det konstanta undergrävandet av den religiösa känslan är; med förlusten av tron på en odödlig själ har människan också förlorat tron på sin egen betydelse och betydenhet”... [#35170] 300:-

Kosinski, Jerzy. The Devil Tree. New York (Harcourt Brace Jovanovich) 1973. P´s cloth wd/j. 209 pp. With a signature, otherwise as new. First edition. First printing. [#35648] 350:-

le Carré, John. The Secret Pilgrim. London 1991. Guild Publ. P´s cloth wd/j. 337 pp. First Brit. ed. As new. [#31947] 250:-

Williamson, Nicol. Ming's kingdom. 1996 (Hutchinson, London). First edition. Publisher's hardcover with dustjacket. VG+/Fine. 246 pp. [#34647] 200:-

Baker, Elliott. A Fine Madness. 1964. Michael Joseph. P´s cloth wd/j. 314 pp. First edition. [#32241] 300:-

Jerome, Jerome K. Malvina of Brittany. 1917. Cassell. P´s cloth. 304 pp. First edition. [#35486] 300:-

Galsworthy, John. Exiled. An evolutionary comedy in three acts. London (Duckworth) 1929. P´s green cloth. 118 pp Ills. First edition. [#31744] 300:-

Stewart, Mary. Touch Not the Cat. New York 1976. William Morrow. P´s cloth. 276 pp. First edition. [#31946] 175:-

Isherwood, Christopher. A Meeting by the River. NY (Simon & Schuster) 1967. P´s cloth. Text on front cover. No d/j. 191 pp. Owner´s name written on front blank paper. First edition. [#35152] 200:-

Lockhart, R.H. Bruce. Return to Malaya. London (Putnam) 1936. Publisher´s cloth. 430 pp. Some foxing on boards. First edition. [#31600] 250:-

Masters, John. Bhowani Junction. 1954 ( Michael Joseph). First edition. Publisher's cloth. VG. No d/j. 368 pp. Signature. [#24748] 120:-

Symons, Julian. A Three Pipe Problem. 1975 (Collins). First edition. Publisher's hardcover. Condition: VG. No dustjacket. 223 pp. [#24751] 120:-

Priestley, J. B. The Other Place and other stories of the same sort. 1953 (William Heinemann). First edition. Publisher's cloth. VG. No dustjacket. 265 pp. [#24752] 120:-

Huxley, Aldous. Ape and Essence. 1948 (Harper & Brothers). First edition. Publisher's cloth. 207 pp. Condition: G. No dustjacket. Corners lightly bumped, spine with gilt dec. smudged. [#24753] 120:-

Holt, Victoria. The curse of the kings. London (Collins) 1973. First edition. Publisher's cloth with dustjacket, both in condition Near fine. 320 pp. [#21794] 150:-

Masters, John. The Deceivers. London (Michael Joseph) 1952. First edition. Publisher's red cloth with dustwrappers. 288 pp. Former owner's signature on front end paper. Dustwrapper with small tear. Condition: VG/VG. [#21588] 250:-

Adams, Richard. The Plague Dogs. With illustrations and diagrams by A. Wainwright. London (Allen Lane & Rex Collings) 1977. P´s dec cloth wd/j. 461 pp. First edition. Signatures. [#22887] 500:-

Lawrence, T.E. Revolt in the desert. Garden City-New York (Doubleday, Doran & Co.) 1927. P´s dec cloth. 355 pp + folding map. Some insignificant foxing. Pp 105-106 with some fabrication damage without loss of text. First American edition. [#22647] 500:-

Innes, Hammond. The Doomed Oasis. A Novel of Arabia. 1960. P's cloth. First ed. No wrs. [#18916] 100:-

Lawrence, T.E. The Mint. A day-book of the R.A.F. Depot between August and December 1922 with later notes by 352087 A/c Ross. London (Cape) 1955. P's dec cloth wd/j. 206 pp. First edition. [#16610] 450:-

Somers, Paul. Beginner's Luck. 1958. Collins. [#5477] 200:-

Somers, Paul. Operation Piracy. 1958. Collins. [#11977] 200:-

Forester, C.S. Lieutenant Hornblower. 1952. Joseph. Wrs with some tear. [#17307] 350:-

Godden, Rumer. China Court. The Hours of a Country House. 1961. Macmillan. [#15266] 200:-

Marric, J.J. (John Creasey). Gideon's Ride. 1963. Hodder & Stoughton. [#13731] 250:-

Braine, John. The Jealous God. 1964. Eyre & Spottiswoode. [#5040] 250:-

Gordon, Richard. Doctor at Large. 1955. Joseph. [#14288] 200:-

Gordon, Richard. Nuts in May. 1964. Heinemann. [#16012] 200:-

Kirkup, James. The Only Child. An Autobiography of Infancy. 1957. Collins. With a postcard from the author and some paper-clippings. [#14540] 300:-

Cecil, Henry. Sober as a Judge. 1958. Joseph. [#12109] 200:-

Wilson, Angus. Anglo-Saxon Attitudes. 1956. Secker. [#14361] 350:-

Linklater, Eric. Laxdale Hall. 1951. Cape. [#7322] 250:-

Lewis, Sinclair. Kingsblood Royal. 1947. Random House. No wrs. [#8057] 200:-

Huxley, Aldous. Brave New World. 1932. Chatto & Windus. No wrs. [#10876] 1500:-

Tubb, E.C. World at Bay. 1954. Panther Books. Wrs with tear. [#2128] 200:-

Wilson, Angus. The Middle Age of Mrs. Eliot. 1958. Secker. [#3989] 350:-

Linklater, Eric. The Ultimate Viking. 1955. Macmillan. [#4236] 350:-

Priestley, J.B. Margin Released. A Writer's Reminiscences and Reflections. 1962. Heinemann. [#12610] 200:-

Noyes, Alfred. Robin Hood. A Play in Five Acts. 1926. Blackwood. Privately bound in green cloth. [#6239] 350:-

Insight, James. Country Parson. 1961. Jenkins. [#12682] 200:-

Vaughan, Richard. Who Rideth So Wild. 1952. Murray. Wrs with tear. [#10305] 200:-

Morley, Christopher. Parnassus on Wheels. 1953. Faber. [#8071] 300:-

Tracy, Honor. The Prospects are Pleasing. 1958. Methuen. [#14695] 200:-

Cecil, Henry. Friends at Court. 1956. Joseph. [#3930] 250:-

Masters, John. Far, Far the Mountain Peak. 1957. Joseph. [#1917] 250:-

Morley, Christopher. Kitty Foyle. 1939. Grosset & Dunlap. No wrs. [#12397] 300:-

MacLean, Alistair. The Golden Rendezvous. 1962. Collins. [#16993] 250:-

Marsh, Ngaio. Scales of Justice. 1955. Collins. [#16932] 250:-

Marsh, Ngaio. False Scent. 1960. Collins. [#6301] 250:-

Insight, James. I am the Vicar. 1956. Jenkins. [#16733] 200:-

Wentworth, Patricia. The Alington Inheritance. 1960. Hodder & Stoughton. [#2265] 250:-

Wentworth, Patricia. The Silent Pool. 1956. Hodder & Stoughton. [#15676] 250:-

Procter, Maurice. The Midnight Plumber. 1957. Hutchinson. [#11273] 250:-

Priestley, J.B. Festival at Farbridge. 1951. Heinemann. [#9035] 250:-

Cecil, Henry. Independent Witness. 1963. Joseph. [#11211] 250:-

Eliot, T.S. The Confidential Clerk. A Play. 1954. Faber. [#12412] 450:-

Eliot, T.S. The Elder Statesman. A Play. 1959. Faber. [#12648] 450:-

Eliot, T.S., & Hoellering, George. The Film of Murder in the Cathedral. 1952. Faber. [#5936] 300:-

Raymond, Ernest. The Chalice and the Sword. 1952. Cassell. [#7071] 250:-

Knightley, Phillip, & Simpson, Colin. The Secret Lives of Lawrence of Arabia. 1969. Nelson. [#4176] 300:-

Mitford, Nancy. The Blessing. 1951. Hamilton. [#15335] 300:-

Nichols, Beverley. No Man's Street. 1954. Hutchinson. [#3527] 250:-

Michener, James A. The Source. 1965. Secker & Warburg. No wrs. [#2147] 300:-

Lewis, Sinclair. Ann Vickers. 1933 (Cape). P's cloth. No wrs. First ed. [#13415] 100:-

Blake, Nicholas. The Sad Variety. 1964 (Collins). P's cloth with the jacket. First ed. [#3615] 200:-

Maugham, W.S. Creatures of Circumstance. 1947 (Heinemann). P's cloth. No wrs. First ed. [#12032] 200:-

Galsworthy, John. The Little Man and other Satires. 1915 (Heinemann). P's cloth. No jacket. First ed. [#13763] 300:-

Scott, Paul. The Birds of Paradise. 1962 (Eyre & Spottiswoode). P's cloth with the wrs, somewhat worn. First ed. [#5824] 150:-

Wouk, Herman. Youngblood Hawke. 1962 (Collins). P's cloth with the jacket. First ed. [#3778] 250:-

Priestley, J.B. The Doomsday Men. An adventure. 1938 (Heinemann). P's cloth with the jacket. A bit worn. First edition. [#10221] 175:-

Perry, Charles. Portrait of a young Man Drowning. 1962 (Simon & Schuster). P's cloth with the jacket. A bit worn. First edition. [#15215] 200:-

Donleavy, J.P. The Beastly Beatitudes of Balthazar. 1969 (Eyre & Spottiswoode). P's cloth with the wrs. First English ed. 200.-

White, Patrick. The Twyborn Affair. 1979 (Cape). P's cloth with the wrs. First ed. [#10187] 250:-

Shute, Nevil. Beyond the Black Stump. 1956. Heinemann. Wrs with some tear. [#9695] 250:-

Shute, Nevil. Trustee from the Toolroom. 1960. Heinemann. Wrs with slight tear. [#13855] 250:-

Boleslavski, Richard ao. The Way of the Lancer. 1932 (Cassell). P's cloth with the jacket. First ed. As new. [#5951] 300:-

Boleslavski, Richard ao. Lances Down. 1933 (Grayson). P's cloth with the jacket. First ed. As new. [#8252] 300:-

Master, John. The Rock. En epic. 1970 (Joseph). P's cloth with the jacket. Slightly worn. First ed. [#15572] 300:-

Grimble, Arthur. Return to the Islands. 1957 (Murray). P's cloth with the jacket. First ed. As new. [#14961] 250:-

Williams, John A. The Man Who Cried I Am. 1967 (Little, Brown). P's cloth with dust-wrs. First ed. [#9890] 250:-

Graves, Robert. New Poems 1962. 1962 (Cassell). P's cloth. No wrs. First ed. [#15494] 150:-

Maugham, S. Then and Now. 1946 (Doubleday). P's cloth. No wrs. First ed. [#6907] 200:-

Kushner, Donn. Uncle Jacob's Ghost Story. 1984 (Macmillan). P's cloth with the jacket. First ed. Ded. copy. [#11407] 150:-

Linklater, Eric. The Merry Muse. 1959 (Cape). P's cloth w wrs. First ed. [#6696] 250:-

Faviell, Frances. A House on the Rhine. 1955. R. Hart-Davis. P's cloth with d/j. First edition. /"a novel set in the German industrial area in the throes of reconstruction". [#2913] 150:-

Roberts, Cecil. A Terrace in the Sun. A novel. 1951. Hodder and Stoughton. P's cloth with d/j. First edition. [#8205] 150:-

Stacton, David. People of the Book. A Novel of the Thirty Years War. NY (Putnam's) 1965. First edition. P's cloth with dustjacket. 381 pp. Nice clean copy. [#9627] 125:-

Woodcock, Percy. Come boating with me. London (Frederick Muller) 1953. First edition. Cloth. 142 pp. Ills. A fine copy. [#6297] 50:-

McCloy, Helen. The further side of fear. London (Gollancz) 1967. First ed. P's cloth with dustjacket. 154 pp. A fine copy, only the d/j a little ripped and creased at the edges and partly missing at low end of spine. [#15694] 100:-

McKibben, Bill. The End of Nature. 1990. P´s cloth wd/j. 225 pp. Stamps. First ed. [#26907] 125:-

Suyin, Han. A many-splendoured thing. London (Jonathan Cape) 1952. First ed. P's green cloth with d/j. 384 pp. A nice copy of this autobiographic love story from Hongkong and China. The d/j lacks lower part of spine and has minor creases and tears. [#1956] 100:-

NB: Hard cover editions with wrs in very good condition unless stated otherwise


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